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Quick & Rolled

Unique Bible Tools 

For both Android and Windows devices.  All resources embedded in the app.  No performance issues with weak or non-existent internet access. Android Download APK file size is 32 mb. Permissions required: WIFI access, file read from-save to internal download folder for program backup and update.  Full Details here

Group Study and Collaboration

Quick Oats is fast Bible text access. Rolled Oats is activated after downloading the Original Advent Text library. Both provide verse/sentence highlighting, user notes with cross references, thematic reference collections across both platforms.

Oats can send your highlights, notes and search collections to any email address. Keep your important and valuable work for personal backup or sharing with others.

Original Advent Texts

The Oat Corpus includes all the original publications and documents produced from 1846 to 1915 in their entirety without sacrificing the limitations of subsequent compiled editions that lack context and continuity.

Oats in the Details

Oats has evolved from its initial birth as a Windows 10 PC app to its current cross-platform Android-iOS iteration.

Oats on Windows PC

  A first generation version using the same Bible book and Original Text abbreviations. Differences are the Book Mark feature that provides quick access to a user-defined list of topics similar to Stories in the mobile device version. It also allows inclusion of image files in notes that can be displayed full screen as a slide show. MP3 files can be played from within notes and can be named freely without restriction.  

Oats on Mobile Devices

Android devices support Google's Text-to-Speech service and reads one chapter at a time.

The Android version can download Oats Scripture song MP3 files which are pre-named as Bible references. 

iOS devices do not at this time support either of these features.

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Quick Oats Bible Access

Rapid Navigation and Interaction

Quick Oats is optimized for speed at the user interface for both desktop/laptop and mobile device navigation, formatting, data collection, text-to-speech, Scripture Song playback, cross-referencing and import/export tools to preserve your intellectual investments.

Rolled Oats Companion Library

Search, collect, annotate and cross-reference citations within and across both Oat apps.  Completely off-line.

Rolled Oats uses the same user interface with all original documents available in a single view for quick access. Save searches and mark favorites, highlight individual sentences, save references with sentence level resolution. Provides all the features of Quick Oats for organizing themes and word/topic studies.

Mobile Oats Preview

Both Quick and Rolled Oats index screens display all available sources in a single view. Quick Oats uses 3-character references, Rolled Oats uses 2-characters.

Tap and hold an Oats selection button to display the full title at the top of the screen.

Books open a chapter at a time. Navigate by tapping the chapter number and then verse number if desired. Individual verses may be highlighted by tapping to select the verse. The color bar appears and then tap the desired color

Notes can be added to any verse or paragraph.

Tap a verse with a note to display its contents.

Tap the Greek or Hebrew button to display an interlinear text.

Tap a Strongs number to display the lexicon definition for that Greek or Hebrew word.

Rolled Oat books open with a table of contents. Tap a chapter title to open it for viewing or tap "Page" to open a specific page number.

Rolled Oats provides sentence level highlighting. Tap to move through grey sentences to select the desired passage then tap a color.

Search Bible books for all occurances of one or two phrases.

Search results display and highlight findings.

Search through the entire Bible or Original texts at each index screen. Searches can be saved and individual references flagged as favorites or deleted. Single or double word/phrase searches. 

Settings (at right) allow font style and size adjustments. Highlighting colors can be labeled. Highlight and user notes can be exported by email and restored for backup and migration. 

Download additional resources and view Help file.  

Over 200 original scripture songs are included and added constantly.